Big Game

Inside the 2.500 free range hectares to hunt, in which “El chillen” extends, you will find a large number of red deers in its wild state, and wild boars.

Also, we have a breeding centre of red deers that exteds 25 hectares, producing since 2007, that nowadays it has really good examples.

Red deer

The red deer hunt is done in 1x1, that is, a hunter accompanied by a guide, in stalking or ambush modality (we have trophies of more than 200 CIC points).

Wild boars

The wild boar hunt is made from blinds, there are four totally closed and strategically distributed.


The ranch has VHF radio equipment in the vehicles and, also, handys for the guides.

Coto El Chillen

Located in La Pampa, El Chillen ranch is the ideal place to hunt free range red deer and wild boar.

Passionate about nature and hunting, our family has been in charge of the company for more than 20 years.

We invite you to hunt in our "chillen" (Araucanian word, which means place of rest) and to enjoy nature.